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What’s a good conversion rate?

Whenever I audit a business or a free trial, I always talk about conversion rates. The question that keeps coming up is: “What’s a good conversion rate?”. My answer is always the same… The highest possible. In this post, I want to show you why there is no such thing as a good conversion rate and […]

PPC Reporting

I’ve been doing quite a lot of PPC recently. When doing PPC, it’s primary to give clients, or your boss, the control over your work and therefore to write periodic reports. To do so more efficiently I built a template for PPC reports that I’m sharing with you today. I’m hoping to help you to show your […]

19 Techniques to Push Users Through Your Funnel

Marketing strategies often aim at acquiring more traffic. Marketers can be very good at attracting traffic but eventually fail to get qualified leads. Are visitors converting well? If not, pushing them through your funnel is critical for customer acquisition. Some businesses are just more successful than others at pushing visitors down the funnel. High conversion […]

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