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Future of Analytics Software: Big Data & Machine Learning

As Marketers, being data-driven has become part of the job. It’s part of the revolution that has been happening for the last few years. At the center of this process, Analytics measure conversions and attribute sales. To help them, Attribution Models tie together conversions and traffic sources by attributing credit to the latter. The consumer’s […]

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): 8 Ways to Acquire Customers at a Lower Cost

Acquiring customers is crucial for every business. Without customer, there is no possible business. I don’t know of any business that can operate without customer. The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) should always be one of your primary concern. What if some of your activities aren’t effective at all? You might be wasting money somewhere. The lower […]

You probably have inaccurate Traffic Sources in your Analytics. Discover why.

A few days ago, my last article was featured on It generated valuable traffic and helped promote the article. Several days later, I logged into Google Analytics for a routine check. I couldn’t see any referral traffic from, although it was clear that the traffic came from there. Why didn’t Google Analytics track the referrals and […]

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