Let’s try working LESS

I often see CEOs and executives killing themselves at work. They work until 11PM, they have no social life and they only see their loved ones during weekends.

Truth is, we have all been there. When I was building my business, I told myself “you shouldn’t rest until you make it”. I worked until late at night for over a year. It felt terrible.

You know what happened? The business didn’t move forward much. I was making pretty much the same amount of money (I actually shared my numbers).

I filled my 14 hours of work per day with whatever seemed important. I wasn’t really mindful about whether that was going to move the needle or not.

After a year, I said “never again” and I decided to work between 6 and 8 hours a day. I worked on the things that were going to move the needle and I discarded all the rest.

The revenue doubled in a year and I was able to enjoy life the way I wanted. I was finally able to achieve a balance between my personal life and my own business.

Try working in compressing functions. If you only have 6 hours today, what are you going to work on? What are the things that will really move the needle and get you closer to your goal?

Living a great life means that you’ve achieved a balance between all areas of your life. You can’t work tirelessly without thinking about the impact it’s gonna have on your personal life.

Now. Who wants to try working less?

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