10 Trends for Startup Marketing in 2015

Marketing is evolving very quickly. Marketers need to evolve as well. Your competitors will and if you don’t, they’ll beat you. And you don’t want that.

2015 is going to see a lot of improvements in terms of Marketing. Following these trends will help you to stay on top of your marketing and develop your sales effectively.

This article gives you the trends through which Startup Marketing is evolving. Follow them to outpace your competition.

1. Customer Focused

Customers must be at the center of every Marketing strategy. Without a clear understanding of their wants and needs, strategies are set for failure.

Customer Development is excellent for testing out your idea. However, it can also be effective when you want to develop new features. Startups will implement customer development throughout their strategies.

Although Customer Success is already being implemented by major startups, younger startups will do more and more to help their customers to be successful at their job.

Startups will become even more customer-focused, doing everything in their power to satisfy them and integrating them in their strategies to develop something they actually need.

2. Product Strategy

Many startups struggle to understand what Product Strategy is. Most don’t even have one. They just develop whatever the founders think their customers will love.

Product Strategy is becoming increasingly important. As more and more vendors see the light, you’ll really have to differentiate yourself to make a difference.

To help us understand product strategy, Intercom has written an excellent article: Product Strategy means saying No.

In the future, Product Strategy will become even more vital as a competitive advantage for your company.

3. Transparency

Transparency, which is unknown to big corporations, is becoming progressively more significant for startups.

Customers are increasingly curious and want to know what’s happening behind the doors.

Buffer is a superb example of transparency. They publicise their financial metrics and transparency is clearly at the center of their values.


Transparency helps you to position your brand as a genuine brand and can be a source of great competitive advantage. Transparency is going to become the norm.

4. Social

Social is at the center of many strategies. We can see many startups using it as a top-of-the-funnel channel to attract traffic.

However, its increasingly more important at the other end of the funnel. Startups will communicate with consumers to educate them and improve their level of satisfaction through Social.

In addition, more startups will start Paid Acquisition through Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads. They’ll be able to reach bigger audiences and convert their visitors more effectively.


Social is becoming more essential to building genuine relationships with customers.

5. Content Distribution

With more startups relying on Content Marketing as one of their main Marketing techniques, Content Distribution is going to become huge very quickly.

Sadly, Startups still think that because they’re creating content, users will read it. However, this assumption is often wrong and their content ends up with very few reads.


Startups are beginning to realize how key Content Distribution is to Inbound Marketing and are beginning to promote each piece of content they create.

Earned Media, such as Twitter or Email lists, will be a real asset of every startup.

6. Funnel & Attribution

The Marketing Funnel has always been in the mind of every Marketers. This funnel has evolved with other perspectives, such as AARRR.

Funnels are becoming more complex. Customers search via search engines, click on Ads and follow you on Social Media, etc…


Funnels and touch-points are increasingly complex. Solutions will be developed to help you attribute these sales correctly and manage your budget more effectively.

7. Customization

One of the best ways to convert visitors is to provide timed and customized offers. Currently, this is reserved to corporations.

Startups will begin to customize their offers and funnels to each visitor. For instance, they could show different CTAs based on the stage at which the customer is positioned.

Example: during their first visit, you offer them your newsletter. After a first signup, you offer them a free trial.

Customization will play a huge part in the future of Marketing. As our funnels become more measurable, we’ll soon be able to customize everything for each customer.

8. Branding

Startups think that branding should be left to big corporations. They avoid creating a brand and a mission because of the cash burn rate.

Guess what? Creating a brand doesn’t cost you that much. You just need to think, draft a story and tell it. It doesn’t take much time.

Startups will begin to create their brands as soon as they validate their idea. They’ll draft a compelling story and talk with a unique voice throughout their lives.

9. Data-Driven

Some Startups are still not data-driven. However, this is one of the main competitive advantages of SaaS startups.

Being data-driven can be source of huge competitive advantage. It requires technical skills that can be learnt but, mainly, being thorough in your analysis.


Startups will be data-driven at each stage of their development. They’ll include both quantitative (numbers) and qualitative (interviews, focus groups…) data in their decision-making processes.

10. Marketing Tools

Recently, we have seen a rise in the amount of software that supports marketers in their journeys towards acquiring more customers.

These programmes can help Marketers to build better companies and be more efficient in their day-to-day operations.

Even young startups will invest time and money in this type of software and integrate it in their processes.


To stay ahead of your competition, make sure you keep your marketing strategies up-to-date. The last thing you want is to continue using old techniques that don’t achieve results.

The best way to do this is to keep learning. It should be one of the main activities of every marketer. Unless you continue to learn, you’ll be outdated in a few months.

Enjoy 2015. It’ll be an awesome year for Startups!

Pierre Lechelle

I help B2B SaaS companies to build & manage high-performance Marketing teams so that you can build a sustainable business.

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