SaaS Marketing Tools

SaaS providers are using numerous tools to convert more customers and enhance their users’ experience. SaaS Marketers must use this kind of tools in order to increase their effectiveness.

To select a tool I advise you to:

  1. Write a list of requirement
  2. List available tools
  3. Compare the tools
  4. Select the right tool
  5. Implementation

You can also read software reviews in order to ensure that you’re selecting the right tool. Remember that the best tool is the one that suits your needs.

If you need any help to choose the right tool or to implement it, shoot me an email and I’ll help you out.

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KISSmetrics & Mixpanel

Two very effective tools to understand the userflow and how users navigate through your apps. They’re event & customer oriented whereas Google Analytics focus on visitors & hits.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows your to understand how your traffic behave and how you can improve your website in order to increase Conversion & Signup.


Having multiple Analytics solution is common. To avoid having several tracking code on your webapp, allows you to turn up, and down, every app that you want.

Crazy Egg

Can help you to better understand the behavior of your visitors by enabling you to understand how they navigate through your website with Heatmap, Videos…

Looker, Mode, Tableau, Chartio, Periscope

Tap inside your own data through various connectors (Magento, MySQL…) in order to generate dashboards you can use to make your decision. Great when other tools can’t answer your questions.

Email Marketing / Communication



One of the most widely used Email Marketing tool in SaaS Business. Intercom allows you to send personal emails to your users in order to convert them better. You could send message to people that just signed up, or people who did not create a project after their account creation.

Event-driven Email Marketing tool that allows you to send message to people based on what they do in your web app. is very useful for any kind of Drip / Transactional Marketing.


Mailchimp manage email lists perfectly. It allows you to send newsletters to your full list of user. It’s the perfect tool for Blog signups, Product announcements…


Let your customers reach out to you where they want. Smooch enable you to build communication channels with your customers on various channels (Chat, Facebook, WhatsApp…) and route all these discussions in your own tools (Slack, ZenDesk, Front…).



Moz & Botify

The leading software in terms of SEO. It allows you to track positions, check keyword difficulty, check your pages’ performance and many more.


HubSpot has a lot to offer to Inbound Marketers. You can create websites, blog, manage email lists or your call to action. HubSpot is the swiss-army knife of the online marketer.


Allows you to track your ranking on search engine and to optimize your website for SEO. Their main advantage (against Moz & HubSpot), is that they check keywords more often at a lower price.


Allows you to discover new long-tail keywords to target in your Inbound Marketing strategy. It even allows you to hire copywriters to write.

A/B Testing


Google Experiments / Google Analytics

Integrated inside Google Analytics, Google Experiments allows you to redirect users between several versions and to measure the results. Note that you’ll need some technical knowledge in order to create the various pages.

Visual Website Optimizer & Optimizely

Allow you to run tests without any technical know-how. They offer visual tools where you can modify your pages and create your tests with simple & intuitive interface.


Allows you to measure the result of your A/B tests and to identify the winner with certitude.



Zendesk & Freshdesk

Two very complete software to help you handle the support of your SaaS Software. All your support request are centralized into one unique tool where all your team can collaborate effectively. They also allow you to create knowledge base and to monitor social media.

They both have an extensive list of features. I recommend you to check and test both tools.


A special mention for GrooveHQ since the tool is very easy to use and to implement. “Less is more” and GrooveHQ is doing it right. The team focus on the main features that will help you manage your support.

Support Hero

Self-help support is great, however most users won’t bother finding your knowledge base. Support Hero allows you to display it when your users need it the most, right within your app.

Customer Success



The new cool kid around. Unlike the others, SalesMachine is self-service (you can sign up and set it up yourself). I’ve seen people using it with amazing results. It’s packed with features to help you better understand your customers and connect with them at the right time. It’s also cost-effective and beautiful, absolutely no reason not to use it ;)!


Centralize customer’s data into dashboard in order to help you reduce Churn, identify Up-Sell, increase Adoption. It basically increase the effectiveness of your sales team.


Automated Customer Success to help you to convert more your users or to up-sells current users.


Helps you to understand the health of your business and to act on this data to improve your metrics and engage with more customers.




Allows you to manage your sales pipeline effectively. It’s perfect for small B2B startups that get started in the SaaS environment. Connect with their API and you’ll see all your deals inside their dashboard.


Base is the perfect CRM tool for SMBs. It allows you to effectively manage your pipeline and to forecast sales. It’s a must-have for every entrepreneur and small sales team.


Keeping your contact list organized can be painful. Evercontact scans your emails and automatically update your address book. No more copy & paste…



Qualaroo & WebEngage

Gain insights into your users with surveys directly inside your website.

Allows you to send out NPS to your users in order to gauge their satisfaction and gather qualitative feedback.

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